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Sancovia — Services

Sancovia supports companies and investors with regard to succession-related issues, M&A transactions and buy & build strategies. Our unique hands-on partner approach, where the partners actively work for the client and personally prepare the main part of the work for the transaction, ensures top quality and a high level of efficiency, and maximises the chances of a successful transaction. Our many satisfied clients confirm that this approach is the right one.



The motivations behind a corporate sale are numerous. The seller may be looking for a financially strong partner for growth or wish to carry out a strategic reorientation, realise created corporate value or plan succession. Many companies are therefore confronted with the challenging task of securing, through an appropriate succession plan or a corporate sale, the long-term future development and continued existence of the company, as well as the employees’ jobs.

We provide you with comprehensive advice and explain to you objectively and on a partnership basis what options are open to you and your company in your individual situation.
Our particular strength lies in our long-term client relationships with strategically oriented industry buyers, holding companies, family offices and private investors.

The efficacy of our partnership-style approach is affirmed by over 135 successful projects. Our knowledge of the specific criteria and investment strategies of potential partners and investors enables us to identify the “right” partner and investor for your company. We make sure that your company passes into a safe pair of hands and continues to be competently run and that you can continue to play an active role in shaping its policy as long as you wish.

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Sancovia — M&A
Buy & Build

Buy & Build

We support portfolio companies of investors and strategists in the implementation of their buy & build strategies.

In order to efficiently support investors’ specific investment strategies whilst keeping the timeframe to a minimum we provide exclusive, industry-focused consulting for targeted searching for potential investments and the initial approach. The exclusivity that results from the direct approach constitutes a key value driver for all the participants.

We methodically identify in the defined target investment industries the particular companies and entrepreneurs that best suit the client’s investment strategy. The core investment arguments for investors are factored into our activities right from the outset.

We prepare market analyses, carry out direct approaches, promptly present acquisition options, organise management meetings and gather the initial relevant information for the determination of the purchase price.

Of course, we support you as well in your buy & build strategies for already existing portfolio companies. Our team is characterised by a high level of efficiency, fast and economical work and the creation of situations of exclusivity.

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Financial Advisory

Financial due diligence on the buyer side and a financial factbook on the seller side are key components in ensuring the success of corporate transactions. We have broad experience and competence in the area of transaction services (Big 4 expertise) and implement financial due diligence or draft a financial factbook efficiently, professionally and quickly with our unique approach. This is reflected in the high number of follow-up mandates we receive.

Financial due diligence

Financial due diligence is both a key component for the buyer in ensuring the success of any corporate transaction and a necessary requirement for obtaining adequate bank financing.

We are able to draw on many years of relevant experience in the area of financial due diligence processes. Our partners have decades of experience working for Big 4 companies and ensure efficient, expeditious financial due diligence at a high-quality level. Core analyses such as normalised earnings, cash flows, net debt, average working capital and plausibility checks for business plans, as well as the preparation of red flags and bankable reports, are a matter of course for us. We also help you to build the information obtained into a model and the SPA and support you in your search for solutions in connection with the planned transaction.

Financial factbook

We support you in your company sales by preparing a financial factbook in which all the financial information relevant to the transaction on the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, business plan and adjusted earnings is presented in line with the investors’ requirements.

We also assist the management internally with key coordination processes with managers/department heads, core requirements vis-à-vis documents, the data room, the verification of assumptions for the business plan and any necessary like-for-like presentations in the history, as well as supporting you with analyses for SPA negotiations and financial argumentation aids and CYT updates right up to closing.

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Sancovia — Financial Advisory

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