Our hands-on partner approach makes the difference.

We remain at our clients’ side as their committed partner until the desired result is achieved.

Sancovia — About us

We are an owner-managed, exclusive and independent M&A consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises with seven offices in Zurich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Ravensburg, Madrid and Amsterdam. We speak the same language as entrepreneurs and investors and provide top-quality services for our small and medium-sized clients in Germany, Switzerland Spain and Portugal of a calibre comparable with major consultancy firms and the Big 4. We employ a unique hands-on partner approach, seeing ourselves as loyal partners to our clients and remaining by their side until the desired result is achieved.


Sancovia — How we work

How we work

Our success is founded on our ability to take your individual ideas and preferences into consideration. Every transaction is unique and requires a specific approach tailored to the client in question, comprehensively and reliably supported at the partner level.

Our clients very much appreciate our exclusive partner approach, featuring outstanding industry knowledge, partner are hands-on on the transaction, direct communication on eye level throughout the transaction, high quality with regard to valuations and processes. This enables entrepreneurs to continue to concentrate on your day-to-day business.

Our corporate values of reliability, forward thinking, confidentiality, perseverance, high quality, passion, and commitment are very important to us and form a key ingredient of our successful and long-term collaboration with our clients.

Our international network

Our membership of the international Pandea network provides our clients with access to important international target markets and their strategic buyers and enables them to perform high-quality, cross-border transactions.

We combine our M&A expertise with the international competence of the Pandea network, with its more than 48 members from 28 countries. As of today more than 2.150 successful transactions and 27 bn EUR transaction volume are the reason Pandea is one of the Top M&A networks in Europa and world wide.

Sancovia — Our international network
Our international network

Our track record

Since our firm was founded in 2012, we have successfully completed about 135 corporate transactions.

Our focus is always on ensuring successful outcomes for our clients. We are very proud that our clients appreciate our client orientated focus, along with our extraordinary commitment in the context of long-term partnerships.

Sancovia — Founding partner Michael Rolf
“We go the extra mile for our clients and ensure with our passionate dedication and top-quality services that the desired outcome is achieved.”