M&A August 2018


The Intelligent Repair Solutions Group (IRS Group) has acquired a majority share in Schaufelberger GmbH. Schaufelberger GmbH is a bodywork and paint company located in Landshut and has been part of the IRS Group since 1 August 2018. The company, which was founded 66 years ago and which has 10 employees, is one of the oldest and most well-known specialist companies in Landshut and has stood for reliable craftsmanship and innovative solutions since 1952.

The IRS Group is Europe’s leading group in the areas of smart repair, body and paint repairs as well as the repair of hail damage to a vehicle’s outer shell. It offers all services related to the preparation and repair of vehicle shells and interiors for used, rental, accident-damaged and leasing vehicles. The group currently employs more than 1,500 people at over 100 locations. Its clients include car dealerships, fleet operators, leasing companies, insurance companies and private customers.

With the acquisition of Schaufelberger GmbH, the IRS Group has grown by one more traditional company. This serves to strengthen its competence as a leading service provider in the areas of smart repair, body and paint repair, and helps to increase its market share.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and provided advisory services to the buyer throughout the entire process.