Financial Advisory December 2016


Fair Damage Control Holding has acquired FTS Preitschel GmbH as part of a succession plan. FTS Preitschel has its main headquarters in Kamp-Lintfort, North Rhine-Westphalia, and has operated for 20 years as a specialist company for rectifying damage caused by storms, burglary and fire. Over the course of its existence, 16 locations have been created around Germany. FTS Preitschel predominantly operates as a subcontractor for insurance companies, buildings management companies, property companies and renovation companies. The main tasks involve repairing plastic, wood and aluminium doors and windows, primarily after burglaries. Furthermore, the company offers security advice in collaboration with its partners ABUS Security Tech Germany.

‘We are delighted to have found the right partner with Fair Damage Control Holding and Ufenau in order to do justice to developments in the insurance market such as increasing digitisation, and to be optimally structured within a strategic group. Throughout the process, I found Ufenau to be very competent and fair,’ says Ralf Preischel, founder and continuing Managing Director of FTS Preischel.

Fair Damage Control Holding is delighted to be able to expand the existing portfolio both in terms of the services offered and geography.

Sancovia provided support to the buyer in financial due diligence.