M&A May 2022

Altano Group takes a share in the veterinary practice Karl-Heinz Wessling

The veterinary practice Karl-Heinz Wessling in Lingen is a new branch of the Veterinary Competence Centre Karthaus GmbH and thus part of the Altano Group. The practice, founded in 1999 by Karl-Heinz Wessling takes care of horses and small animals with a lot of heart and competence. In addition to himself, Karl-Heinz Wessling's team now includes 2 other veterinarians, 7 veterinary assistants, 2 office staff and, from August, a trainee veterinary assistant.

The focus of the equine practice is on outpatient care, but there are also sufficient rooms available for inpatient stays. In addition to the treatment room and the paved courtyard, the practice has three stalls, a recovery box, a large turnout and two paddocks. Horse owners thus enjoy optimal conditions for a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options. Special emphasis is placed on general equine medicine, mare gynecology, foal medicine and purchase examinations. Animals and people are equally well looked after in the small-animal practice, which also offers inpatient care, e.g., intensive care, in addition to the usual outpatient care. In addition to routine examinations, surgical procedures, and dental treatments - to name just a few options - pet owners can look forward to feed consultations, and the practice's repertoire also includes the certificate of competence for dog ownership. 

Altano is a European group of veterinary clinics focusing on equine medicine. Patients belonging to more than 62,000 customers are treated in Altano Group clinics each year. The group provides a broad range of diagnostic services and treatments according to the highest standards of veterinary medicine. It brings together prestigious clinics and practices within an European expertise network to provide specialist skills and set new standards within veterinary medicine.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and advised the buyer throughout the process.

Altano Group takes a share in the veterinary practice Karl-Heinz Wessling
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