M&A July 2022


The modern Meerbusch Clinic is well located in the small community of Langst-Kierst, a district of Meerbusch in North Rhine-Westphalia. In April 1998, the founders, Dr. Jan Carlos Merkt and Dr. Udo Zehl, opened the clinic's doors. Since January 2015, Dr. Hendrik van Gemmeren has strengthened the management team. The three are now supported by other veterinarians, veterinary assistants, administrative staff as well as stable staff. 

With this team strength, it is not surprising that a wide range of treatment options is offered. From A for outside practice to Z for dentistry, the Meerbusch equine clinic can cover an extremely wide range of specialties. These include orthopedics, surgery, internal medicine, sports medicine, gynecology and emergency medicine, such as for colics. 

With a competent hand and a lot of heart, patients can be admitted around the clock. For this purpose, 40 boxes, various treatment rooms, an operating room and the intensive care unit are available. The latter is directly connected to the treatment rooms and the operating room to enable fast and intensive care. Extensive examinations are also possible in the exercise hall, the riding arena or the sand galloping track. 

Altano is a European group of veterinary clinics focusing on equine medicine. Patients belonging to more than 62,000 customers are treated in Altano Group clinics each year. The group provides a broad range of diagnostic services and treatments according to the highest standards of veterinary medicine. It brings together prestigious clinics and practices within an European expertise network to provide specialist skills and set new standards within veterinary medicine.

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