Diversity - lived diversity is our engine

What would Sancovia be without diversity? People of different ages, skills, cultures and ways of working are the pillars of our strong corporate culture. It is this diversity that makes our life here so exciting and thrilling - whether with our customers on site or working in the project team.

As a member company of the Diversity Charter , we officially take a stand on diversity in practice at Sancovia, because diversity has a high priority at our company: Our company employs people of 10 different nationalities, half of whom are women. The age structure ranges from 18 to the mid-fifties.

At our company, a wide variety of talents with diverse knowledge and skills come together to work together in a respectful manner to develop optimal solutions for our customers. And because this is what makes us successful, we are constantly growing. As we expand our team, we are committed to promoting even more diversity and making the working world at Sancovia even more colorful and interesting. To that end, we are constantly looking for new talent.

No matter what background you bring with you - we are looking forward to getting to know you.

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