M&A noviembre 2023

GarLa Group has acquired in KOLB GmbH & Co. KG

With 45 employees at its headquarters in Nuremberg, Kolb Garten-Landschaftsbau GmbH is a high-performance team of specialists in gardening and landscaping. The traditional company has been known in the metropolitan region for over 70 years for its training and implements the plans and ideas of clients and architects, mainly in the area of new commercial and public facilities.
With the acquisition of Kolb, the Garla Group has grown to over 920 employees at 21 locations, making it one of the largest gardening and landscaping companies in the German-speaking region. 
In addition to its proven core expertise in horticulture, gardening and landscape maintenance, the group also offers a wide range of services such as pool and swimming pond installations as well as green roofs and facades.
Today, the Group has a leading regional market position in German-speaking Switzerland and southern Germany with an excellent reputation. The customer base comprises mainly corporate and public clients as well as private customers who place a high value on the reliability and experience of each member company of the group.
Sancovia initiated the transaction and advised the buyer throughout the entire process.

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