M&A agosto 2022

GarLa Group acquires Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung

The GarLa Group acquired Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung GmbH. The company has been a leading provider of gardening and landscaping services in the region of Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Heilbronn for over 30 years. Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung, headquartered in Tamm (Baden-Württemberg), is an expert in complex construction processes such as parks, residential construction and commercial and office projects with more than 100 employees and 100 large machines on  5'000 m² company premises. The company serves a broad clientele with public, commercial or private construction projects.    

Achim Off, co-founder, managing director and shareholder of Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung: "After our success story in gardening and landscaping, which now spans more than 30 years, we are delighted to now be part of the new GarLa Group family. In order to strengthen what we have already achieved and to open up new opportunities, we see ourselves in the best possible hands within the GarLa Group. With the possibility of now having partners at eye level, we will master the future, similar to the past, in the best possible way. We look forward to our new partnership with the GarLa family. 

Andreas Joehle, Partner at Ufenau Capital Partners: "We are extremely pleased that with Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung we have been able to win one of the leading companies in gardening and landscaping in Baden-Württemberg to establish the nucleus of GarLa Group Germany. With Achim Off, we also have an experienced entrepreneur with a great track record, who will successfully develop the group of companies through his sound professional and leadership skills." 

The GarLa Group offers its customers high-quality services in the field of gardening and landscaping. The customer base mainly includes private clients as well as corporate and public clients who place a high value on reliability and experience.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and advised the buyer throughout the process.

GarLa Group acquires Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung
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