M&A agosto 2021


Strichpunkt, one of the leading design agencies in Germany, is joining the MYTY Group. With more than 130 employees in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Shanghai, Strichpunkt brings creative excellence and comprehensive skills in branding and design to the MYTY group – which was initiated at the end of 2020.

As one of the most creative German agencies, Strichpunkt contributes its long-standing experience in the field of branding and design. Founded in 1996, Strichpunkt has significantly shaped the topic of branding over the last 25 years. The agency has consistently found itself at the top of design rankings since 2001. With clients like DHL, AUDI and DFB, Strichpunkt is also considered to be a pioneer in digital brand management.

Strichpunkt offers a comprehensive range of services – from brand identity and cultural design to brand experience formats. A unique selling point is the coded design philosophy: through the creation of modular design elements and their delivery as code, agile and easy-to-use brand hubs are possible for all conceivable applications. The code-based creation of all media “on brand” without additional supervisory bodies offers clients considerable efficiency compared to traditional corporate design rules and regulations.

According to MYTY managing partner David Rost, Strichpunkt has been an absolute dream partner since the group launched at the end of 2020: “We are delighted that this wish has now been fulfilled. With the team around Kirsten Dietz, Jochen Rädeker and Philipp Brune, we gain exceptional competence in the field of brand strategy and creation, enriching MYTY with Strichpunkt’s expertise and charisma. Through the group’s additional skills and locations, we offer all of their employees and clients exciting new opportunities and an excellent breeding ground for joint advancement.”

In the combination of creative design and intelligent technology, Strichpunkt co-founder Jochen Rädeker sees a great intersection for collaboration within the MYTY Group: “If we want to continue to grow in this area, we have to do so at the right level, with the right specialists. With MYTY, we have not only found the right partners for this, but we can also play a central role in shaping the development of the newly founded group.”

The MYTY Group AG now consists of five agencies in Switzerland and Germany, with offices in Zurich, Munich, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, and Berlin, bringing together more than 350 employees and holistically serving international clients to meet the increased marketing, creation, and technology demands of the digital age. Together they explore the possibilities of AI and automation, real-time campaigning, and reaching target groups across all devices and channels; and face challenges such as the changing whims of the walled gardens, legal requirements such as the GDPR, and the ever-changing zeitgeist of customers and consumers.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and advised the buyer throughout the process.

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