M&A febrero 2023


Cybersecurity specialist Nextron Systems GmbH has been acquired by a fund advised by BID Equity. The partnership aims to continue Nextron's strong growth trajectory through internationalization and strategic acquisitions.
Nextron's products offer protection against cyber threats that goes well beyond firewalls and anti-virus programs. Nextron's Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Prevention products secures not only highly sensitive infrastructure and large enterprises, but also mid-sized businesses that want to protect themselves from complex threat scenarios. The APT solutions enable organizations to identify and block actions that indicate unauthorized access to their IT systems, allowing them to close potential security breaches and defend against acute threats.
The product portfolio includes the APT scanner THOR, the endpoint detection & response agent AURORA and the powerful management platform ASGARD. The state-of-the-art solutions are based on YARA signatures and sigma rules and are suitable for both one-off use in the event of specific security incidents as well as for an ongoing prevention.
More than 300 private and public sector customers worldwide rely on Nextron's forensic analysis software to in-crease their protection levels. 
Nextron founder Stephan Kaiser and CTO Florian Roth: "We were looking for an investor who really understands us as a software company and can also support us operationally. BID Equity not only brings both, but also shares our vision to make Nextron a truly global player."
Industry expert and CTO Florian Roth continues to hold a stake in Nextron just as BSK Consulting GmbH. For BID Equity the Nextron acquisition marks the anchor investment for a new cybersecurity software platform.
BID Equity is an advisor of a specialized buy-out fund that focuses on B2B software investments. Investment focus is the acquisition of majority shareholdings in the context of company successions and shareholder buy-outs of small to medium sized software companies in Europe and North America.
Sancovia initiated the transaction and advised the buyer throughout the process.

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