M&A mayo 2018


Pferdeklinik Ankum GmbH is the first clinic in Lower Saxony to become a member of Altano Group. The clinic, which is divided up into an inpatient department primarily headed by Dr Stefan Tietje and an outpatient department headed by Dr Philipp Lingen, was founded in Osnabrück in 2007.
The inpatient department provides colic surgery in over 60 emergency cases a year. In addition to that, the horse clinic also offers intensive care to horses around the clock, 365 days a year, in close collaboration with the surrounding veterinary surgeries. The outpatient surgery provides quick and flexible general care, orthopaedic care and gynaecological care, in addition to inventory management, emergency care and sports medicine on site. Another speciality is horse examinations at auctions, including clinical and X-ray examinations provided during auctions and stallion selections in Hanover.Alongside the general managers, who will be managing the clinic in the long run, 23 other professionals, including nine vets, also treat around 9000 patients a year.

Dr Philipp Lingens and Dr Stefan Tietje look forward to working with Altano Group: “We welcome the fact that Altano Group has created a platform for the regular exchange of medical and business ideas. This collaboration combined with the joint training of young vets will allow professionals to become highly qualified in various specialist areas, and this will give them long-term development prospects.”Dr Victor Baltus, CEO of Altano Gruppe GmbH, adds: “I look forward to this merger with Pferdeklinik Ankum GmbH, which enjoys regional support from Tierärztliches Kompetenzzentrum Karthaus GmbH, creating a constructive partnership involving two colleagues with remarkable expertise.”

With the acquisition of the Ankum horse clinic in Lower Saxony, the regional presence of the Altano Group has been further strengthened, in keeping with the policy of consolidating our leading position in the field of equine medicine.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and provided consulting services to the buyer throughout the entire process.

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