M&A julio 2018


The latest Altano member is the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic, the largest animal clinic in Bavaria and one of the five largest animal clinics in Germany. Founded in 1998, the veterinary clinic on the edge of the Augsburg Westliche Wälder Nature Park is managed in the medium and long term by the six partners Dr. Erben, Dr. Fitz, Dr. Heuschmann, Dr. Schernthaner, Dr. v. Walde and Dr. Zwick. A total of 112 employees, including 45 veterinarians, look after around 4,800 regular horse-owning customers, 7,500 small animal owners and 450 cattle farms each year. Following the motto “real doctors treat more than one species”, animals of all kinds, from hamsters to elephants, are treated in every discipline by our veterinarians, the focus of veterinary activities being on horses which account for over 40% of turnover. In addition to outpatient care for patients in the home stable with 22 vehicles and a rescue transporter, 62 horse boxes are available in the clinic to ensure the best possible care and treatment of these animals. The veterinary clinic has four operating theatres and 12 treatment rooms. Recognising the steady increase in importance of dental health in horses in recent years, a dental clinic with four treatment rooms has been established in the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic, where six veterinarians offer all diagnostic and almost all surgical procedures on standing horses using minimally invasive methods.

Dr. Fitz expresses his relief at the merger: “The Altano Group will ensure the cohesion of the various animal species for our clinic. The success of our clinic is based on this diversity – this has been the reason for our growth. Altano gives our younger colleagues a secure future in the ‘Champions League of Veterinary Medicine’ without incurring financial risk.”
Dr. Baltus, CEO of the Altano Group, was very pleased about the even closer cooperation with the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic: “This merger with one of the top animal clinics in Germany has been a milestone for the Altano Group”. With acquisition of the Gessertshausen Veterinary Clinic, the regional presence of the Altano Group in Swabia has been further strengthened, in keeping with the policy of consolidating a leading position in the field of equine medicine.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and provided consulting services to the buyer throughout the entire process.

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