M&A noviembre 2018


Pferdeklinik Altforweiler, a horse hospital based in the Saarland, is a new Altano member, serving customers from all sides of the trilateral border in France, Luxembourg and Germany. Founded in 1993, the clinic has 29 stalls, an operating room, three treatment rooms, a dental unit and a scintigraphy unit. The team led by Managing Director Andreas Rupp consists of 21 employees, including 7 veterinarians, and treats about 2,100 patients per year. Thanks to its ambulant service and in-patient treatments, the clinic is able to cover the entire spectrum of equine medicine. Three specialist equine veterinarians and one qualified veterinary surgeon specialising in orthopaedics, surgery and colic surgery, provide the highest standard of medical service.

Managing Director Andreas Rupp is pleased about the merger with the Altano Group. “Pferdeklinik Altforweiler GmbH is also pleased to be part of the Altano Group. Thanks to the merger, we are now able to take a forward-thinking approach to our work and to continue expanding our site. With administrative support, we hope to have more freedom in our professional activities and to be able to develop further as veterinarians. This should offer benefits for our customers, our veterinarians and for the whole Altano Group. By working together with the individual specialists in the other clinics of the Altano Group, we hope for new impulses for the future.” Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of Altano Group, adds: “Due to its location in the Saarland, the clinic offers customers from France, Luxembourg and Germany the opportunity to receive the best possible care at an Altano Group clinic. I am delighted to work with this state-of-the-art Equine Clinic which is able to provide optimal medical care for patients from my native Luxembourg.”

Altano is a veterinary clinic group in German-speaking countries with a focus on equine medicine. Every year, patients of over 62,000 clients are treated at Altano Group clinics. It offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures ensuring the highest level of veterinary expertise. Prestigious clinics and practices will be brought together nationwide to form a network of experts to increase access to competent specialist knowledge and set new standards in veterinary care. With the acquisition of Pferdeklinik Altforweiler, the regional presence of the Altano Group in the border triangle of France, Luxembourg and Germany has been strengthened allowing it to continue growing and pursuing a leading position in the field of equine medicine.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and consulted with the buyer throughout the entire process.

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