M&A octubre 2015


The Roth Group, the Swiss specialist for fire protection, coating and insulation, has acquired a majority share in the insulation service provider Aebisol AG from St. Gallen. Aebisol AG is one of the leading providers of fire protection services and insulation in East Switzerland. In particular, the company specialises in technical insulation as well as pipe insulation in the field of heating, cooling and sanitation. The broad customer base of Aebisol includes heating, cooling and sanitation companies, generalist and construction companies as well as urban and cantonal bodies.

The acquisition of Aebisol has enabled the Roth Group to significantly reinforce its market position in East Switzerland and to continue to develop itself in the field of insulation services. Stefan Blaser, CEO of the Roth Group: ‘I am delighted that we are adding to our regional activities with the acquisition of Aebisol. The acquisition emphasises the positive impact that the buy and build strategy is beginning to have.’

Sancovia provided exclusive consulting services to the buyer throughout the transaction process.