Financial Advisory October 2017


Together with the CORIUS Group, Ufenau Capital Partners has taken a majority shareholding in the Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum Hansaklinik Dr. Eichelberg. With its headquarters in Hansakontor in Dortmund, the Medizinische Versorgungszentrum Hansaklinik Dr. Eichelberg is one of the largest dermatological medical practices in Germany. Its spectrum of services includes the entire specialist area, with particular focus on allergies, aesthetics, neurodermitis, environmental illnesses as well as the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

‘Under the umbrella of a trans-regional group, so many options are offered to my practice to position the company in the healthcare market in a future-oriented manner. In this way, younger doctors who take an interest can see optimal structures,’ says Dr Dirk Eichelberg, MVZ Hansaklinik Dr. Eichelberg.

The CORIUS group of companies currently has five locations in Germany. The range of treatments on offer include general and minimally invasive/operative dermatology, phlebology and oncology as well as aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. CORIUS wishes to further establish itself in Germany and develop the dermatological practice and group of clinics. CORIUS will take on the central and administrative tasks on behalf of its associated partners and will develop stable, long-term succession solutions. In total, the Group’s 145 employees treat over 80,000 patients each year.

Sancovia provided support to the buyer in financial due diligence.