Financial Advisory October 2015


The Rehms Group, which is a leading full-service provider specialising in technical building equipment with a focus on heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitation as well as measurement and control technology, has taken a majority share in Eberl GmbH of Mayrhofen, Austria. During its existence spanning more than 100 years, Eberl GmbH is a traditional Austrian company that has gone from a small craft company to one of the leading wellness providers for the planning, set-up and maintenance of professional spa and wellness facilities in the German-speaking areas of the Alps.

The acquisition of Eberl has enabled the Rehms Group to expand its buildings technology product portfolio to include attractive spa and wellness facilities. For Eberl GmbH, on the other hand, there is significant potential for growth through further expansion into the German market.

Sancovia provided support to the buyer in financial due diligence.