M&A April 2018


As a national group of leading equine clinics and practices, the Altano Group has taken a majority shareholding in the Bieberstein Horse Clinic. The Bieberstein Horse Clinic in the Cham bei Regensburg region was founded in 1996 by Dr Stefan von Bieberstein. Focussing on surgery, the referral clinic has built up an excellent reputation that stretches beyond the Bavarian forest, and it offers a wide range of horse medicine, from mobile practice to dentistry. The clinic benefits from great collaboration with specialists from other clinics. The 17 highly qualified employees, including six vets, treat around 2,000 patients a year.

Dr von Bieberstein, who will continue to lead Pferdeklinik Bieberstein Altano GmbH for the time being as an interim Managing Director, says: “The merger of leading horse clinics in Germany by Ufenau and the Altano Group is forward-thinking and enables a highly qualified, specialist exchange, from which our patients, clients and employees can all benefit from.”
Dr Victor Baltus, CEO of Altano Gruppe GmbH, adds: “I’m looking forward to being able to include another highly qualified clinic in the Altano Group.”
With the acquisition of the Bieberstein Horse Clinic, the regional presence in Southern Germany has been reinforced for the Altano Group and the development of its leading position in the field of equine medicine has been consistently pursued.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and provided consulting services to the buyer throughout the entire process.