Financial Advisory December 2012


Constellation Capital has taken over the Copytrend Group as part of a succession plan. The acquisition took place in close collaboration with the previous owner and with the common objective of facilitating the further growth of the group of companies in the future by means of selective purchases as part of the investor’s buy and build strategy.

The Copytrend Group is a specialist provider of plotting, scanning and printing services. This leading regional company operates in eight locations in the French-speaking and German-speaking regions of Switzerland, and with its 30-year company history, it represents outstanding quality and flexibility as well as a high level of service. The very diverse customer base includes, among others, leading companies from the construction, pharmaceutical and luxury goods industries.

Rainer Fröhlich, Managing Partner of Constellation Capital AG: ‘With Sancovia, we selected the right service provider and partner for the acquisition of the Copytrend Group. With such transactions, it’s important that it is carried out in an efficient, professional and rapid manner. Here, we have been able to fully and completely rely on Sancovia’

Sancovia provided the purchaser with support in financial due diligence and provided support as an exclusive consultant during the contract negotiations.