M&A November 2019


The St. Georg in Trier horse clinic has been a member of the Altano group since 1 November 19 and is the group’s 12th clinic. The horse clinic St. Georg in Trier Altano GmbH was founded in 2009 by Dorothée Gondert, being built in line with the latest standards. Specialising in horses, the clinic offers a wide range of services under the veterinary supervision of Dr Aleksandar Vidovic and his 20-strong team. Extensive expertise in fields ranging from surgery and orthopaedics to internal medicine means that the latest diagnostic methods and a wide array of treatments are available to patients. Moreover, Dorothée Gondert’s dental clinic at the horse clinic in Trier is held in particularly high regard (she is an IGFP-approved horse dentist).

Altano is a group of veterinary clinics focusing on equine medicine in German-speaking countries. Patients belonging to more than 62,000 customers are treated in Altano Group clinics each year. The group provides a broad range of diagnostic services and treatments according to the highest standards of veterinary medicine. It brings together prestigious clinics and practices within a supraregional expertise network to provide specialist skills and set new standards within veterinary medicine.

The acquisition of the St. Georg horse clinic will strengthen the regional presence of the Altano Group in Rhineland-Palatinate and help it continue to build on the Altano group’s leading position in the field of equine medicine.

Sancovia initiated the transaction and advised the buyer throughout the process.